AFRO GLOBAL ALLIANCE is open to free membership as long as you uphold and preserve the aims and objectives of the organization and also be devoted to charity. The members of the organization should collaborate under conditions of complete cordiality, dedication, frankness, and fair play in order to accomplish a given task to the exclusion of personal or commercial interest.

Members collaborate to share common goals. There are Volunteers in active work and generally working consistently to enhance the development of AGA activities, also to implement and evaluate the desired impacts on the concerned receiver.

AGA facilitates the establishment of relationships between NGOs with non-governmental organizations around the globe. By distributing information about Africa NGOs around the world, the NGO supports acquainting the international community with the democratic processes under way in Africa.

AGA emphasize on mentioning the characteristics that distinguish nonprofits — voluntary sector to acknowledge the importance of volunteers and voluntary action, independent sector to distinguish nonprofits from business and government, and social sector to underscore how the activities of non-profits enhance the social fabric of our nation Africa.

We have heterogeneous and diversified members/volunteers at work in pursuit of common goals. View (volunteers file)

Want to be a volunteer? You are welcome.



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