Communicable Disease Prevention and Control

Advocacy Social Mobilsation


Buruli Ulcer

Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response

Emerging, Re-emerging and other Communicable Diseases


Hib - Paediatric Bacterial Meningitis Surveillance Network

Immunization Strengthening Support

Integrated Diseases Surveillance

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness



New Vaccines

Polio Eradication

Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases 

Chronic Diseases

Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation

Health Promotion

Mental Health


Oral Health

Substance Abuse

Tobacco Free Initiative 

Healthy Environments and Sustainable Development

Environmental Health Policy

Environment and Promotion of Health

Environmental Risk Assessment

Health Action in Crisis

Food Safety

Health in Sustainable Development 

Occupational Health 

Poverty and ILL Health 

Protection of Human Environment 

Water Sanitation and Health

Family and Reproductive Health

Adolescent Health & Development (ADH)

Social Aspects of Family & Reproductive Health (SFR)

Women's Health & Gender (WMH)



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